New World is merging 13 legacy servers down to 6 on December 2

Just yesterday, we covered some of the problems that have befallen the “legacy” New World servers following the massive launch of the fresh start servers. It’s not that the population has collapsed again; it’s that everyone’s on the new servers rather than the old. Last night, Amazon announced plans to help with that: It’s merging 13 more older servers down to 6 – including my own, which frankly needs it as the balance of power has shifted dramatically just in the last week.

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Profane posts November dev roadmap, introduces fans to the cokadrill

Bulky roadmap update!

Our last update was posted in September, and we’ve had good progress since then.
Let’s cover the most important topics for this update:

— Profane MMORPG (@ProfaneMMO) November 24, 2022

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CODEX moves from being a standalone game to an MMO building and hosting tool

As for CODEX’s new form, the devs are working on releasing a public server that will let users host MMOs, as well as a world builder tool and additional features like multi-story buildings and network optimizations. In the future, CODEX plans to arrive on Steam and open up testing, though some networking tests still need to be performed before signups begin. Until then, future updates are planned to be shared on CODEX’s new website.

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