Fan creates an elaborate mod for building bases in No Man’s Sky

All your base, etc.

Building a base in No Man’s Sky is important. It’s inspiring. It’s a moment of self-identification. It is complicated, too, because there are a whole lot of base parts and it’s not necessarily super-easy to do from the in-game interface. But fan Charlie Banks has made a standalone app that allows you to easily make a base with snap-together functions and a clear interface for coloring and arranging the various base components as you wish.

holy moly

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) November 23, 2022

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New World is merging 13 legacy servers down to 6 on December 2

Just yesterday, we covered some of the problems that have befallen the “legacy” New World servers following the massive launch of the fresh start servers. It’s not that the population has collapsed again; it’s that everyone’s on the new servers rather than the old. Last night, Amazon announced plans to help with that: It’s merging 13 more older servers down to 6 – including my own, which frankly needs it as the balance of power has shifted dramatically just in the last week.

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